Friday, 22 June 2012

My love/hate relationship with France

I often complain about France. I find the people rude, grumpy, close-minded, macho and definitely anti-vegetarian. I lived there only 4 years when I was a university student, and although life was good in the whole, and, more importantly, besides the fact that some of the people I met then will stay life-long friends, I don't miss it.

However, I do feel French, pretty strongly even. I have only praise for its patisseries and bread (though, since I am increasingly striving for veganism, I have to admit it is putting me off more and more), and I love its beautiful cities, diverse landscapes, great architecture, rich history, decent weather, good wine, and colourful markets full of fresh fruits and veg. I love spending my holidays in France, seriously! I realised not too long ago, that's the best way for me to appreciate my country. I often tell Edvin that I can't wait for us to get our driving licences and travel around France. I have an endless list of places I want to show him, in particular the glut of medieval towns scattered around the country: I am never more in awe and never feel more happy to be in France than when I walk around the cobblestoned streets of Carcassone, Saint-Émilion or Guérande!

Our last discovery was La Rochelle, a small but very pretty town. What a pleasure to be there!

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