About me

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Linda and I'm a vegetarian/aspiring vegan living in Sweden (as the title indicates, for those of you who can read Swedish). My background is a bit messy for while I was born in Paris, France, I grew up in Chad (where I spent most of my life). Later, I moved (back) to France, England (where I met the love of my life), Turkey, the Netherlands, Niger (for a short while) and Sweden of course, since 2008.

I have been a vegetarian since mid-2008, and I haven't looked back since. To read about how I became vegetarian, you can check out my "Veggie testimonial" post. Following the switch to vegetarianism, I quickly became more and more interested in cooking and baking. I started this blog a bit for myself, using it as a notebook to reference my favourite recipes, document vegetarian restaurants and hopefully share my vegetarian/vegan experiences from all around the world.

I tend to mix French and English (and hopefully Swedish soon), because I enjoy writing in both languages, but I'll try to stick to English for my non-francophone friends!