Thursday, 17 May 2012

Oups, I did it again...

So... It's been over six month since my last post... What a shame. Well, the one thing good about this blog is that it's mostly (only?) read by my close friends, so no one probably missed it (actually I know someone who did!). So what happened in the span of these 6 months? I actually realised that I never mentioned I had moved to London (!!!), but most people already know that.  Which explains why I had so little time to write here.

So I moved back to my favourite city, after a summer in Italy and France, to start a course in translation. And because it was a one-year master, it's been a pretty intense year. I actually just had my last exam yesterday! And unfortunately now is no holiday: I have yet to write my thesis. Only two  months to go before it's time to hand it in!

Other than that, I have been enjoying the city, as you can imagine. It feels home more than ever. The only downside, with all that the town has to offer, is that I have very little time left for what I like most: cooking! Which is kind of ironic, since I can find any ingredient I would need here...

Instead I focus on other things, like enjoying one of the parks the city has to offer - as many as 1700 in an area of 70 square miles! London has the reputation to be the city of its size with most green and open spaces in the world, my favourite being St James Park, one of the eight Royal Parks of London (which include Green Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Regent's Park, Greenwich Park, with only two left for me to go: Bushy Park and Richmond Park). I love St James mostly because of its animals, especially squirrels! I always bring a bag of nuts when I go there, and it's not often that I don't get to feed at least one.

Food! Having less time to cook doesn't mean having less time to eat :) there are so many amazing vegetarian restaurants here! And shops! And cafés! Banofee pies, scones, carrot cakes...Oh my! I could live in England just for its cuisine <3

Pistachio and rose water cake, how could I resist?

Markets! Probably the nicest and the best way to shop in London: whether I want to buy organic veggies and fruits at the Islington Farmers' Market, grab a plate of Lebanese, Russian or Ethiopian  food (Sunday Up Market), nibble on a vegan cupcake (Ruby Tuesday of London at Greenwich Market), or simply admire the colourful and sweet-scented stalls of Columbia Road Flower Market

The greatest discovery this year is Broadway Market, my favourite place to hang out and eat with friends. The story goes that in 1900, Fred Cooke started selling jellied eels on Broadway Market, his restaurant serving shepherds driving their flocks to the City of London (!), and the street market was born. But by the eighties, it had died because of the Thatcher recession. After successive failed attempts to revive the market, finally, in 2004, the community renewed itself with the help of volunteers and residents association. What a great initiative!
 Ruby Tuesday Bakery

 Islington Farmer's Market

 Broadway Market

 Columbia Road Market

I've gone to the Opera more in one year than I had in my whole life. La Traviata swept me off my feet, and I discovered that I had quite a thing for Mozart and for Dvorak (can anyone not be moved by his Aria to the moon?). I was disappointed by La Bohème though, which came as a surprise since Puccini did win me over with Madame Butterfly! I've seen a few ballets as well, but I honestly can't say it's my cup of tea, though I can't wait to see Swan Lake this summer!

I've also recently started to knit again: it feels great! I am making a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting (and no, it's not a boy, or at least we don't know it yet; it's just that her favourite colour happens to be blue). I've learnt a new stitch (which isn't hard, I only know the stocking and the garter stitches), and I love the result!

Lastly, I've been hanging around in our new neighbourhood. We moved here about 4 months ago, and we're really close to the Thames. It really is a dream location.

Well, I guess anyone can now easily understand my 6 months absence, right?


  1. I really miss you Linda. I am happy to see how happy you are to be back in London! I hope I can come and visit you one day. Take care xoxo Valdís

  2. Hey Valdis! I just saw your message!
    I miss you too! And I am actually thinking about visiting you in Iceland sometime!