Sunday, 24 April 2011

Life of the unemployed...

Wow, it's been quite a while since I wrote last time. A month to be exact.
Yes, I know, I had been planning to really make something out of that blog after I had finished my master. But hey, you know what, unemployment isn't really synonymous with boredom and dullness. At least in my case (and of someone else who will recognise herself).

So what has happened in a month?
  • I cooked and ate delicious food. I wrote down new recipes and promised to post them but kept pushing it away.
  • I visited friends and family in Geneva, welcomed a new little person in this world, and enjoyed the first swim of the year in an outdoor pool with a direct view on the Alps and lake Geneva. Priceless.
  • I came back to Sweden with a suitcase full of food and witnessed the coming of spring.
  • A dear friend came over and spent a few days with us, and she taught me what has become my new passion/obsession.
  • I celebrated my husband's 25 birthday and I made (with some help) a kick-ass dinner for the occasion.

Baked smoked sweet potato fries and AMAZING burger

Raspberries and pistachio cream tartlets
  • I've been trying to bring my garden back to life (without much success but ambitions)
  • I wandered the streets of the beautiful beautiful beautiful (yes it deserves at least 3 of those!) Stockholm

  • I've been planning a few trips but that's a secret for now.
And right now, I am writing to you from one of the places that I love most in the world, Viken, aka Swedish paradise!

I guess that says it all...

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