Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Home sweet home

Here I am, after weeks of desertion...
Well, I had to organise my wedding and welcome family from the four corners of the earth. I also went for my pre-honeymoon to Finland and I have been for (short) holidays in the South of France. What a summer!

When I travel to France (or UK) I always bring back with me some of the delicacies that are unobtainable here. It might seems funny, but there is nothing like a purée of pois cassés (broken peas), a few brioches or a good glass of wine when I feel nostalgic!

And of course a stock of books in French (which is unfortunately already getting smaller and smaller)

But here I am back in Sweden. And it's ok. I mean I normally dislike September. Going back to school, or work, all this intense activity after weeks of laziness, saying goodbye to my relatives and friends... And worse of all, the change of season. I am a summer girl, and the copper colours of fall are not enough to seduce me. But anyway, this year might be an exception to my annual depression!

What happened is that we just have moved to Uppsala where my husband (wow) and I are going to study until January. Uppsala is really a pretty town but this will be part of a later post. The great thing is that we have now our own... house! Yes a house! Just for us! And with a real house comes... a REAL kitchen. A kitchen! Just for me! With an oven! See for yourself.

Isn't it the cutest kitchen or what? (just kiddin')

I have a few months to cook everything I want (and without carrying about other people's tastes, well except one)! The thing is I have the most peculiar taste, I don't like sugar and fat, and I tend to love Japanese food, which is not particularly enjoyed by my in-laws (and that's a euphemism!): matcha tea cakes, dango, mochi rice cake and bean curd, and even rice and tea for breakfast!


  1. Oh la la, you have changed your preferences over time but you seem to still spend a big part of your time thinking about food ;) Gourmande !

  2. Hé oui, les goûts changent, mais pas tant que ça... On va dire plutôt que ça se précise au fil des ans. Je suis toujours fan de pâtisserie française (grasse et sucrée) mais à part ça. Parce que la pâtisserie suédoise par ex est aussi grasse et sucrée (ou pas, comme les kannelbullar) mais c'est pas du tout mon truc (a part les lussekatter bien sûr). Bref ça doit juste être une histoire de goût (comme pour le chocolat) :)