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Lund is a tiny college town (about 75 000 inhabitants) in Skåne, southern Sweden. The city is the oldest in Sweden, built around 990 A.D., when the land was still under the Danish rule. The university, founded in the mid-17th century is one of the oldest and the biggest in Sweden. As such, the town is completely littered by the universities buildings, which are usually old and nice with ivy growing on the structure. Quite charming, as the historical town is well preserved. The main sites of interests include the University Library, the Cathedral and not much more... Indeed, it seems like a nice place to study for a few years but not somewhere to go from a long way, except maybe to attend the Lund carnival, which is held every four years (last time was just a few days after we've been there, in April 2010).

Smålands Nation, Kastanjegatan 7

Anyway, if you happen to be here, the student club Smålands Nation is a nice place to go for cheap food. As it is a student club, entry is theoretically only for local students who are members on the nation. However as Smålands Nation in Lund is somewhat of an anarchist club, they are less rigid with rules and as long as you are happy to be there and pay the almost symbolic sum for the food and drink they will be happy to have you. When we were there, they sold quite large, freshly made sandwiches for 20-25 SEK. The winner was one with hummus and sun-dried tomatoes.

Lunds domkyrka

I've also heard about this Hare-Krishna place, but I didn't have time to try it out:
Govinda's, Bredgatan 28

Otherwise, there is easy access to moderately priced falafel rolls throughout the town. However, the quality is quite poor: the falafels are pre-made and reheated and the accompanying vegetables are of fast-food quality. Don’t get one unless you need to!

A typical Swedish university town: bikes, bikes and more bikes, everywhere

It's a pity that I didn't take more pictures of the town because, like most Scandinavian towns, it's really pretty. Anyway if you want to see more, check out this website.

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