Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Better than falafels...

I recently discovered Sarah Britton's website. When I read that she was a chef in two vegetarian restaurants in Copenhagen (and I really wonder which ones), I immediately knew I would find some cool recipes...But this one, my oh my, it went beyond my expectations.


Sweet potato falafels

After doing some research it appears that she took the recipe from another blog (which I feel is going to become a new favourite), which originally comes from the first Leon cookbook.* Anyway, let's say that whoever invented that recipe is a genius. Not only did that person manage to give a new (and delicious) twist to an all-time favourite, but she also managed to greatly reduce the fat content of the original recipe as these babies are baked and not deep-fried (which in my opinion doesn't contributes positively to the taste anyway). Actually the recipe is fat (and guilt) free!

I followed it conscientiously, without bringing any changes, but next time, as one of the comments suggested on Sarah's blog, I will add some sesame oil to the mix because I too love its nutty flavour. I also made the tahini sauce, but I divided the ingredients by half and it was still a bit much (well if you're only two, otherwise I think the amount is perfect for four people).

*Leon is a London based restaurant-chain, with quite an interesting philosophy: to combine the concept of fast-food with tasty, flavoursome, healthy food. Basically good food with food that's good for you. Apparently, and given this recipe, I'd say they have managed quite successfully.

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